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Fractal Bundles - Jupiter Passing Through The Galactic Center

Energy Dates: November 17, 2019 - November 25, 2019

Energy Practice: During these dates, sit in meditation for a few minutes each day. Imagine a red ball of light at the base of your spine. See that red ball of light stream down into the Gaia and connect to Earth's inner core. Now picture the spiral of our Milky Way. At the center of the spiral is a white ball of light. Envision the white ball of light traveling through space and time and connecting with your Third Eye. After a few minutes, thank the Galactic Center for the blessings that it will be bringing into your life at this time. When done with the meditation, write down what you saw and felt.

Jupiter is the planet of blessings and expansion. The Galactic Center is the location in our galaxy containing an extremely dense vortex of energy.

The Galactic Center radiates brilliant insight to anyone connected to it as it is the transmitter of Divine Consciousness. Those that have the Galactic Center prominent in their natal charts have a strong link to one of the most important sources of higher consciousness. This energy acts as a point of awakening, a burst of energy that supports the creation of new thoughts and the release of limiting beliefs.

Jupiter passes through the Galactic Center once every 12 years, so this is a significant transit for everyone. All of us now are connecting to the energy of the Galactic Center, accessing parts of ourselves that have been kept hidden. We are able to open up to new perspectives.

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