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Starseed Astrology Blueprint - Written Report

Starseed Astrology Blueprint - Written Report


Astrology is both a science and an art. It is a blend of astronomy and divination. Astrology is the oldest system of accessing Universal wisdom for self-knowledge and awareness.


Your astrological birth chart is very sacred to you. It's the energies you chose to be born under. Included in your birth chart are the Starseed locations in the sky at the moment of your birth. When these Starseed locations line up to a planet in your birth chart, it created a resonance that you brought in with you. This resonance is your ancestral Starseed lineage.


You can resonate with more than one Starseed lineage, as you are an old soul and have had many journeys through the galaxy. But there are particular Starseed groups that you more closely aligned to you this lifetime, and those can be seen in your birth chart. 


In this astrological Starseed Report, I connect with each of your Starseed groups to provide a description of the lineage, as well as how the Starseed group specifically influences you in this lifetime. I include all Starseed groups you are aligned to, using Starseed Fixed Stars, Royal Fixed Stars and Galactic Points. 


You are a multidimensional being and you have a vast range of resources within you. Your soul contains many experiences and is working across many lifetimes, across time and space and dimensions. With reverence, I will confirm your Starseed lineages and share with you some of the gifts you have brought to this lifetime in this Starseed Report.


Please provide your birth date, birth location, and birth time (or estimate time if you do not know the exact time).


This report will be sent as pdf via email delivery.

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